International waterplants contest

Keiji Kawai votes

Hardy Waterlilies

Flower shape HD01 10
Flower color HD01 10
Flower quantity HD01 7
Lenght of flowering season HD01 8
Leaves quantity HD01 9
Leaves color HD01 10
Leaves size HD01 10
Overall HD01 9
Comments HD01 Flower's color is so soft, elegant , and also has many nice shaped petals!
Flower shape HD02 9
Flower color HD02 10
Flower quantity HD02 9
Lenght of flowering season HD02 9
Leaves quantity HD02 9
Leaves color HD02 10
Leaves size HD02 9
Overall HD02 9
Comments HD02 This hybrid has nice translucent ivory colors. This one makes me imagine tropical lilies!
Flower shape HD03 8
Flower color HD03 9
Flower quantity HD03 7
Lenght of flowering season HD03 7
Leaves quantity HD03 7
Leaves color HD03 9
Leaves size HD03 8
Overall HD03 8
Comments HD03 Ivory with pinkish flower color is nice!
Flower shape HD04 9
Flower color HD04 10
Flower quantity HD04 7
Lenght of flowering season HD04 7
Leaves quantity HD04 9
Leaves color HD04 9
Leaves size HD04 8
Overall HD04 8
Comments HD04 So nice blackish red Flowers. I wish, length flowering season was longer.
Flower shape HD05 7
Flower color HD05 8
Flower quantity HD05 7
Lenght of flowering season HD05 7
Leaves quantity HD05 7
Leaves color HD05 8
Leaves size HD05 8
Overall HD05 8
Comments HD05 This creamy yellow flower color is nice. I happened to remember its ancestor " N. mexicana".

Flower shape HD06 9
Flower color HD06 9
Flower quantity HD06 7
Lenght of flowering season HD06 8
Leaves quantity HD06 8
Leaves color HD06 9
Leaves size HD06 9
Overall HD06 9
Comments HD06 Nice dark purplish pink flowers.
Flower shape HD07 10
Flower color HD07 9
Flower quantity HD07 7
Lenght of flowering season HD07 7
Leaves quantity HD07 8
Leaves color HD07 9
Leaves size HD07 9
Overall HD07 8
Comments HD07 Pink with many petals is so nice.
Flower shape HD08 8
Flower color HD08 9
Flower quantity HD08 8
Lenght of flowering season HD08 7
Leaves quantity HD08 8
Leaves color HD08 10
Leaves size HD08 8
Overall HD08 8
Comments HD08 Nicely mottled or variegated  petals and leaves.
Flower shape HD09 8
Flower color HD09 6
Flower quantity HD09 6
Lenght of flowering season HD09 6
Leaves quantity HD09 6
Leaves color HD09 8
Leaves size HD09 7
Overall HD09 7
Comments HD09 Darkish red flowers are nice.
Flower shape HD10 10
Flower color HD10 10
Flower quantity HD10 8
Lenght of flowering season HD10 8
Leaves quantity HD10 8
Leaves color HD10 9
Leaves size HD10 9
Overall HD10 9
Comments HD10 My first impression was traditional shaped and colored flower. But  when I see  mottled  leaves, this hybrid show me its ancestor and this ones potential for numbers of flowers its
summer flowering season!
Flower shape HD11 10
Flower color HD11 9
Flower quantity HD11 8
Lenght of flowering season HD11 8
Leaves quantity HD11 8
Leaves color HD11 10
Leaves size HD11 9
Overall HD11 9
Comments HD11 Nice shaped many petals .

ISG Hardy Waterlilies

Flower shape ISG01 10
Flower color ISG01 8
Flower quantity ISG01 7
Lenght of flowering season ISG01 9
Leaves quantity ISG01 8
Leaves color ISG01 8
Leaves size ISG01 8
Overall ISG01 9
Comments ISG01 This hybrids flower shape is so different from former iSG, so nice.
Flower shape ISG02 10
Flower color ISG02 10
Flower quantity ISG02 9
Lenght of flowering season ISG02 8
Leaves quantity ISG02 8
Leaves color ISG02 8
Leaves size ISG02 8
Overall ISG02 9
Comments ISG02 Nice luminescent flower color and rounded  petals!
Flower shape ISG03 8
Flower color ISG03 8
Flower quantity ISG03 8
Lenght of flowering season ISG03 8
Leaves quantity ISG03 8
Leaves color ISG03 8
Leaves size ISG03 8
Overall ISG03 8
Comments ISG03 This hybrid's leaves makes me remember  tropicals.
Flower shape ISG04 8
Flower color ISG04 9
Flower quantity ISG04 8
Lenght of flowering season ISG04 8
Leaves quantity ISG04 8
Leaves color ISG04 8
Leaves size ISG04 8
Overall ISG04 8
Comments ISG04 Luminescent pink flower is so nice!
Flower shape ISG05 10
Flower color ISG05 9
Flower quantity ISG05 6
Lenght of flowering season ISG05 7
Leaves quantity ISG05 6
Leaves color ISG05 7
Leaves size ISG05 6
Overall ISG05 8
Comments ISG05 Nice rounded shaped petals,. This hybrid has nice, elegant purple colors!
Flower shape ISG06 10
Flower color ISG06 10
Flower quantity ISG06 9
Lenght of flowering season ISG06 9
Leaves quantity ISG06 10
Leaves color ISG06 10
Leaves size ISG06 10
Overall ISG06 9
Comments ISG06 Nice luminescent colored flower and nice shape.
Flower shape ISG07 8
Flower color ISG07 10
Flower quantity ISG07 9
Lenght of flowering season ISG07 9
Leaves quantity ISG07 8
Leaves color ISG07 9
Leaves size ISG07 9
Overall ISG07 9
Comments ISG07 This hybrid's flower color makes me imagine  tropicals' one!
Flower shape ISG08 8
Flower color ISG08 6
Flower quantity ISG08 7
Lenght of flowering season ISG08 7
Leaves quantity ISG08 7
Leaves color ISG08 8
Leaves size ISG08 8
Overall ISG08 8
Comments ISG08 Strane to say, this hybrid's collora  imagine me "N. cllorata."
Flower shape ISG09 10
Flower color ISG09 10
Flower quantity ISG09 8
Lenght of flowering season ISG09 8
Leaves quantity ISG09 8
Leaves color ISG09 9
Leaves size ISG09 8
Overall ISG09 9
Comments ISG09 Nice luminescent dark pink!

Hardy Lotus

Flower shape LO01 7
Flower color LO01 10
Flower quantity LO01 8
Lenght of flowering season LO01 8
Leaves quantity compared to flowers number LO01 8
Overall impressions LO01 8
Comments about the plant LO01 Nice yellowish green with many petals!
Flower shape LO02 7
Flower color LO02 8
Flower quantity LO02 7
Lenght of flowering season LO02 7
Leaves quantity compared to flowers number LO02 8
Overall impressions LO02 7
Comments about the plant LO02 Nice pink flowers.
Flower shape LO03 10
Flower color LO03 10
Flower quantity LO03 9
Lenght of flowering season LO03 8
Leaves quantity compared to flowers number LO03 8
Overall impressions LO03 9
Comments about the plant LO03 Simple single petaled seems so nice for simple small pottery vase.
Flower shape LO04 9
Flower color LO04 10
Flower quantity LO04 9
Lenght of flowering season LO04 8
Leaves quantity compared to flowers number LO04 8
Overall impressions LO04 8
Comments about the plant LO04 Nice colors with multi-petaled. Nice!

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