International waterplants contest

Margaret Koogle votes

Hardy Waterlilies

Flower shape HD01 10
Flower color HD01 7
Flower quantity HD01 9
Lenght of flowering season HD01 10
Leaves quantity HD01 9
Leaves color HD01 5
Leaves size HD01 9
Overall HD01 9
Comments HD01 Beautiful full blooms prolific over a long season! Like the darker leaves in the beginning then they seem to turn green and not so interesting once they turn green.
Flower shape HD02 10
Flower color HD02 9
Flower quantity HD02 10
Lenght of flowering season HD02 8
Leaves quantity HD02 9
Leaves color HD02 9
Leaves size HD02 9
Overall HD02 9
Comments HD02 Prolific bloomer, holding blooms above the water, beautiful blush color. Leaves have some pigmentation making them more interesting. 
Flower shape HD03 10
Flower color HD03 9
Flower quantity HD03 8
Lenght of flowering season HD03 8
Leaves quantity HD03 9
Leaves color HD03 7
Leaves size HD03 9
Overall HD03 8
Comments HD03 Unique with deep pink interior petals and white outer petals.
Flower shape HD04 10
Flower color HD04 10
Flower quantity HD04 7
Lenght of flowering season HD04 7
Leaves quantity HD04 9
Leaves color HD04 8
Leaves size HD04 10
Overall HD04 8
Comments HD04 Beautiful deep red flowers.  Seems to bloom fairly well as reds go
Flower shape HD05 10
Flower color HD05 9
Flower quantity HD05 6
Lenght of flowering season HD05 6
Leaves quantity HD05 4
Leaves color HD05 8
Leaves size HD05 10
Overall HD05 5
Comments HD05 Beautiful yellow blooms.  Doesn't seem to bloom as well and so similar to other lilies. Interesting leaves.
Flower shape HD06 10
Flower color HD06 10
Flower quantity HD06 5
Lenght of flowering season HD06 5
Leaves quantity HD06 5
Leaves color HD06 5
Leaves size HD06 10
Overall HD06 5
Comments HD06 Beautiful pink color.  Doesn't seem to be as great a bloomer as others.  Doesn't bring much new nor great bloomer. 
Flower shape HD07 10
Flower color HD07 10
Flower quantity HD07 5
Lenght of flowering season HD07 5
Leaves quantity HD07 5
Leaves color HD07 5
Leaves size HD07 10
Overall HD07 5
Comments HD07 Beautiful full bloom. Doesn't seem to be a great bloomer. 
Flower shape HD08 10
Flower color HD08 10
Flower quantity HD08 8
Lenght of flowering season HD08 7
Leaves quantity HD08 9
Leaves color HD08 7
Leaves size HD08 10
Overall HD08 9
Comments HD08 Impressed with the uniqueness of the coloration of the flowers.  Seems to bloom well during the season however, that season seems to be less than others.
Flower shape HD09 10
Flower color HD09 10
Flower quantity HD09 7
Lenght of flowering season HD09 7
Leaves quantity HD09 5
Leaves color HD09 7
Leaves size HD09 10
Overall HD09 7
Comments HD09 Deep colored full blooms.  Uninteresting leaves. 
Flower shape HD10 7
Flower color HD10 8
Flower quantity HD10 4
Lenght of flowering season HD10 4
Leaves quantity HD10 3
Leaves color HD10 10
Leaves size HD10 10
Overall HD10 6
Comments HD10 Slight blush color, very interesting leaves. Not a great bloomer
Flower shape HD11 10
Flower color HD11 10
Flower quantity HD11 9
Lenght of flowering season HD11 9
Leaves quantity HD11 9
Leaves color HD11 10
Leaves size HD11 10
Overall HD11 9
Comments HD11 Beautiful bloomer, long season, interesting leaves.

ISG Hardy Waterlilies

Flower shape ISG01 10
Flower color ISG01 10
Flower quantity ISG01 8
Lenght of flowering season ISG01 10
Leaves quantity ISG01 9
Leaves color ISG01 8
Leaves size ISG01 10
Overall ISG01 10
Comments ISG01 Great new addition! Love the thin graceful petals, interesting leaves and long season.
Flower shape ISG02 8
Flower color ISG02 9
Flower quantity ISG02 8
Lenght of flowering season ISG02 8
Leaves quantity ISG02 7
Leaves color ISG02 9
Leaves size ISG02 10
Overall ISG02 8
Comments ISG02 The leaves of this lily are interesting.
Flower shape ISG03 10
Flower color ISG03 9
Flower quantity ISG03 9
Lenght of flowering season ISG03 7
Leaves quantity ISG03 9
Leaves color ISG03 10
Leaves size ISG03 10
Overall ISG03 9
Comments ISG03 Bright pink blooms, spectacular leaves!
Flower shape ISG04 10
Flower color ISG04 9
Flower quantity ISG04 8
Lenght of flowering season ISG04 7
Leaves quantity ISG04 7
Leaves color ISG04 7
Leaves size ISG04 10
Overall ISG04 8
Comments ISG04 Nice lily, nothing really exciting about it.
Flower shape ISG05 5
Flower color ISG05 5
Flower quantity ISG05 5
Lenght of flowering season ISG05 5
Leaves quantity ISG05 3
Leaves color ISG05 5
Leaves size ISG05 10
Overall ISG05 5
Comments ISG05 Not a great bloomer, uninteresting leaves, nothing about this lily interested me.
Flower shape ISG06 10
Flower color ISG06 10
Flower quantity ISG06 8
Lenght of flowering season ISG06 10
Leaves quantity ISG06 9
Leaves color ISG06 10
Leaves size ISG06 10
Overall ISG06 9
Comments ISG06 Deep color, great bloomer, interesting leaves, long season.
Flower shape ISG07 10
Flower color ISG07 10
Flower quantity ISG07 10
Lenght of flowering season ISG07 10
Leaves quantity ISG07 9
Leaves color ISG07 8
Leaves size ISG07 10
Overall ISG07 10
Comments ISG07 This is a winner in my opinion--in that bringing something very new to the industry with the hardy deep purple color! Unique deep deep purple hardy with a long season. Great addition to water lily offerings!!!!!
Flower shape ISG08 10
Flower color ISG08 10
Flower quantity ISG08 9
Lenght of flowering season ISG08 10
Leaves quantity ISG08 9
Leaves color ISG08 8
Leaves size ISG08 10
Overall ISG08 8
Comments ISG08 Decent purple hardy.
Flower shape ISG09 10
Flower color ISG09 10
Flower quantity ISG09 8
Lenght of flowering season ISG09 8
Leaves quantity ISG09 8
Leaves color ISG09 8
Leaves size ISG09 10
Overall ISG09 7
Comments ISG09 Full hot pink blooms. Nice lily, nothing too exciting.

Hardy Lotus

Flower shape LO01 10
Flower color LO01 10
Flower quantity LO01 10
Lenght of flowering season LO01 8
Leaves quantity compared to flowers number LO01 10
Overall impressions LO01 9
Comments about the plant LO01 Love it!
Flower shape LO02 10
Flower color LO02 10
Flower quantity LO02 10
Lenght of flowering season LO02 10
Leaves quantity compared to flowers number LO02 10
Overall impressions LO02 10
Comments about the plant LO02 Great bloomer over a long season!
Flower shape LO03 10
Flower color LO03 10
Flower quantity LO03 8
Lenght of flowering season LO03 8
Leaves quantity compared to flowers number LO03 6
Overall impressions LO03 8
Comments about the plant LO03 Blooms seem small compared to leaves.
Flower shape LO04 10
Flower color LO04 10
Flower quantity LO04 8
Lenght of flowering season LO04 8
Leaves quantity compared to flowers number LO04 6
Overall impressions LO04 7
Comments about the plant LO04 Beautiful bloom,  not as frequent or long a season.

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