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Hardy Waterlilies

Flower shape HD01 8
Flower color HD01 8
Flower quantity HD01 4
Lenght of flowering season HD01 7
Leaves quantity HD01 4
Leaves color HD01 6
Leaves size HD01 6
Overall HD01 7
Comments HD01 I really like the compact nature of the bloom and the extreme petal count.  From the images it looks like there is not an abundance of blooms and that the plant is dominated more by its foliage than the flower and that the foliage is not terribly exciting.  Again, the bloom itself looks pretty incredible.
Flower shape HD02 8
Flower color HD02 7
Flower quantity HD02 7
Lenght of flowering season HD02 5
Leaves quantity HD02 4
Leaves color HD02 5
Leaves size HD02 5
Overall HD02 5
Comments HD02 Seems to be a vigorous grower with an abundance of leaves but the total number of blooms and length of the bloom period seem to be a bit underwhelming overall.  The flower structure and color are nice.
Flower shape HD03 6
Flower color HD03 6
Flower quantity HD03 5
Lenght of flowering season HD03 6
Leaves quantity HD03 3
Leaves color HD03 6
Leaves size HD03 7
Overall HD03 4
Comments HD03 The size of the flower compared to the leaves may be one of its better attributes.  The overall quantity of blooms seems a little light.  Appeared to be a little less vigorous throughout the length of the season and perhaps had a bit of a challenge between blooming heavily in June and then progressing through July and into August.
Flower shape HD04 6
Flower color HD04 9
Flower quantity HD04 5
Lenght of flowering season HD04 6
Leaves quantity HD04 4
Leaves color HD04 5
Leaves size HD04 6
Overall HD04 5
Comments HD04 The long red petioles are a nice compliment to the deep wine coloration of the blooms.  It seems like it stayed relatively open in the center of the clump until September.  I really love the deep coloration of the bloom and hope to see improvement in the foliage.
Flower shape HD05 7
Flower color HD05 6
Flower quantity HD05 2
Lenght of flowering season HD05 3
Leaves quantity HD05 4
Leaves color HD05 8
Leaves size HD05 8
Overall HD05 6
Comments HD05 A beautiful pattern on the foliage and love the flower, just wish it was a bit more abundant.  The photo of the plant in August shows real promise.  Desire to have more abundance of blooms.
Flower shape HD06 7
Flower color HD06 7
Flower quantity HD06 3
Lenght of flowering season HD06 4
Leaves quantity HD06 3
Leaves color HD06 7
Leaves size HD06 6
Overall HD06 6
Comments HD06 Really vibrant hue for the bloom and nice emergent foliage color.  I really like the dark tone of the expanding pads and would like to see the flowers push a bit deeper into the season.
Flower shape HD07 8
Flower color HD07 9
Flower quantity HD07 4
Lenght of flowering season HD07 4
Leaves quantity HD07 5
Leaves color HD07 4
Leaves size HD07 7
Overall HD07 5
Comments HD07 The heavy petal count and shape of the flower is fantastic.  It appears that the vigor of the plant  peaked in late July through August, but only saw a few blooms overall.
Flower shape HD08 7
Flower color HD08 10
Flower quantity HD08 8
Lenght of flowering season HD08 6
Leaves quantity HD08 6
Leaves color HD08 8
Leaves size HD08 6
Overall HD08 7
Comments HD08 The picture of this waterlily on August 3 had me very excited about this waterlily, inspiring.  Really love the striping of the petals and hope that it is one that could stabilize, however its characteristics would still make for a great photograph.
Flower shape HD09 6
Flower color HD09 6
Flower quantity HD09 4
Lenght of flowering season HD09 4
Leaves quantity HD09 5
Leaves color HD09 5
Leaves size HD09 4
Overall HD09 4
Comments HD09 Looks like a nice color and flower shape, but not a really strong grower.  It looked best in the heat of the summer but faded a bit before the end of the season.  Looked best in September.
Flower shape HD10 7
Flower color HD10 7
Flower quantity HD10 6
Lenght of flowering season HD10 3
Leaves quantity HD10 5
Leaves color HD10 8
Leaves size HD10 7
Overall HD10 7
Comments HD10 The blend of soft pastel pink and white are really a soothing color.  I am partial to the foliage and feel like the foliage in July is really pleasing and hope the flowers would last a little longer into the season.
Flower shape HD11 9
Flower color HD11 7
Flower quantity HD11 5
Lenght of flowering season HD11 4
Leaves quantity HD11 5
Leaves color HD11 6
Leaves size HD11 5
Overall HD11 6
Comments HD11 The openness of the center of the flower revealing the center of the waterlily bloom is nice.  It appears to have had a bit more floriferous moments early in the first part of the summer looking its best in early to mid July.

ISG Hardy Waterlilies

Flower shape ISG01 8
Flower color ISG01 7
Flower quantity ISG01 5
Lenght of flowering season ISG01 6
Leaves quantity ISG01 6
Leaves color ISG01 6
Leaves size ISG01 6
Overall ISG01 7
Comments ISG01 The flower color and shape are very appealing.  It would be great to see additional blooms later into the season.
Flower shape ISG02 3
Flower color ISG02 7
Flower quantity ISG02 5
Lenght of flowering season ISG02 5
Leaves quantity ISG02 6
Leaves color ISG02 7
Leaves size ISG02 6
Overall ISG02 5
Comments ISG02 The overall plant growth looks good and the coloration of the flower is nice. It’d be great if the petals reflexes more to show off the flower and add to the diameter of the water lily bloom in comparison to the attractive foliage.
Flower shape ISG03 7
Flower color ISG03 8
Flower quantity ISG03 6
Lenght of flowering season ISG03 7
Leaves quantity ISG03 8
Leaves color ISG03 8
Leaves size ISG03 8
Overall ISG03 7
Comments ISG03 The photos of selection three throughout July are really showstopping.  The foliage is very attractive and looks to be in good relative condition to accompany the blooms.  Feel like having a taller flower stalk would benefit the plant substantially.
Flower shape ISG04 6
Flower color ISG04 5
Flower quantity ISG04 4
Lenght of flowering season ISG04 4
Leaves quantity ISG04 4
Leaves color ISG04 5
Leaves size ISG04 5
Overall ISG04 4
Comments ISG04 This specimen seems to have limited foliage until late into the season.  The flowers appear to have a nice gradient of bright pink but seem to fade out by early august.  Looks like it has the potential to make a large specimen could’ve be riches from some additional pads towards the center of the planting.
Flower shape ISG05 3
Flower color ISG05 7
Flower quantity ISG05 2
Lenght of flowering season ISG05 4
Leaves quantity ISG05 2
Leaves color ISG05 4
Leaves size ISG05 6
Overall ISG05 3
Comments ISG05 A nice vibrant purple color with nice violet undertones.  It unfortunately only
Looks like there was one bloom or two at most in the whole planting at any time.  
Flower shape ISG06 8
Flower color ISG06 7
Flower quantity ISG06 5
Lenght of flowering season ISG06 5
Leaves quantity ISG06 4
Leaves color ISG06 9
Leaves size ISG06 7
Overall ISG06 7
Comments ISG06 Handsome foliage with a vibrant bloom that picked up during the second half of the summer.  The larger blooms and the elongated petioles give this specimen some potential in larger gardens.
Flower shape ISG07 8
Flower color ISG07 9
Flower quantity ISG07 4
Lenght of flowering season ISG07 5
Leaves quantity ISG07 4
Leaves color ISG07 4
Leaves size ISG07 6
Overall ISG07 5
Comments ISG07 The violet petals present a great bloom.  Unfortunately it appears that there is not abundance of blooms, hope that the breeder continues to improve upon the total floral display to highlight the vibrant blossoms.
Flower shape ISG08 9
Flower color ISG08 9
Flower quantity ISG08 7
Lenght of flowering season ISG08 9
Leaves quantity ISG08 9
Leaves color ISG08 6
Leaves size ISG08 9
Overall ISG08 8
Comments ISG08 What a stunning plant!  Really into the vibrancy of the blooms and was very impressed by the October image showing its late season display!
Flower shape ISG09 8
Flower color ISG09 8
Flower quantity ISG09 8
Lenght of flowering season ISG09 9
Leaves quantity ISG09 4
Leaves color ISG09 4
Leaves size ISG09 6
Overall ISG09 6
Comments ISG09 One of my favorites amongst the vibrant pink colored water lilies.  This ISG looks like it has a consistent and long blooming period but there is a lot of space between the pattern of foliage and the greatest concentration of blooms close to the center of the crown.

Hardy Lotus

Flower shape LO01 8
Flower color LO01 8
Flower quantity LO01 5
Lenght of flowering season LO01 7
Leaves quantity compared to flowers number LO01 6
Overall impressions LO01 6
Comments about the plant LO01 The creamy yellow petals of the lotus which start closely resembling a light lime green are a welcome addition to the trials.  While not as vibrant as the pinks, it can definitely be a welcome planting in a water garden.
Flower shape LO02 8
Flower color LO02 8
Flower quantity LO02 9
Lenght of flowering season LO02 7
Leaves quantity compared to flowers number LO02 7
Overall impressions LO02 8
Comments about the plant LO02 Really like the open appearance of the pink tipped petals juxtaposed the larger leaves of this specimen.  
Flower shape LO03 7
Flower color LO03 7
Flower quantity LO03 7
Lenght of flowering season LO03 7
Leaves quantity compared to flowers number LO03 7
Overall impressions LO03 7
Comments about the plant LO03 The color and structure of the flower is nice and very open, very similar to the wild species.  Would like to see the petal count a little higher.  Overall a nice selection 
Flower shape LO04 9
Flower color LO04 9
Flower quantity LO04 8
Lenght of flowering season LO04 6
Leaves quantity compared to flowers number LO04 6
Overall impressions LO04 8
Comments about the plant LO04 The double petals and the sheer size of this lotus blooms make a bold statement in the water garden.  I really like it’s peony like appearance 


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