About us

Nursery of waterplants and any kind of wet land plant

My name is Gianluca Bonomo, I was born in 1972, attended high school in electronic and telecommunication, started to work as 3D design and animation teacher, computer science and related subject in private school.
Graduated in multimedia related to art, music and theatre at Turin University. I started to fall in love with waterplants in 2000, when I find a waterlily rhizome floating on a lake near my town, I grew that plant and it gave me beautiful flowers. From that time I started looking for waterlilies all over the world! You could find more detailed information in my article on the website The lord of the waterlilies or in this website blog: Article on waterplants blog.

In my nursery you can find one of the largest waterplants collection in the world, and you can easily find or reserve any new waterlily variety available on the market!

You can find at the moment about:

  • 400 and more hardy waterlilies
  • 200 and more lotus variety
  • 500 and more iris for ponds and wet lands
  • 50 and more tropical waterlilies variety
  • a wide variety of bog plants
  • many submersed oxygenating plants
  • floating plants

And if you don't find some just ask, I will do my best to satisfy your needings!