Often waterlilies and lotus are confused or considered the same thing, let’s see differences between those two wonderful waterplants.
The most obvious thing that differentiates the two species is their bearing on the water, the waterlily has got leaves that rest on the water surface, while lotus has got leaves stands high over the water, even if first lotus leaves rest on the water surface.
Same for the flowers, that in waterlilies rest on the water surface or in some cases few centimeters over the water surface, while lotus flowers stands high over the water.
Waterlilies and lotuses, differences
A pond with waterlilies and lotuses, waterlilies in the foreground and lotus in the background.
Now let’s see differences in detail:
Leaves of an hardy waterlily have got round/elliptical shape, with a cut that goes from the center of the leaf to the outside. The lobes of the leaves can overlap or be open. The size of a water lily leaf can range from a few centimeters for the smallest varieties up to 40-50 cm. in the larger varieties.
Leaves of waterlilies, different varieties.
Different hardy waterlilies leaves.
The leaves of the lotus are round, without cut, shaped like a cup, and water repellent, that mean that water does not stop on their surface, if we take water and pour it on the surface of the lotus leaf it slips away without stopping.
leaves of lotus, small and large
Different lotus leaves, large, small and dwarf varieties.
The flowers of anhardy waterlily remain floating on the surface of the water, even if some varieties have the flower that comes out of the water a few centimeters.
Different waterlilies plants
Example of different waterlilies varieties with leaves and flowers.
The flowers of the lotus come out of the water even up to a meter and a half in the larger varieties. Supported by a long stem similar to that which supports the leaves.
Different plants of lotus
Example of different lotus varieties with leaves and flowers.
The rhizome of a lotus or water lily is that part from which the plant grows, the rhizome is the part of the plant that must be planted in the soil. The rhizome of a water lily is more rigid and woody, with a part from which the leaves come out and grow and a part from which the roots grow.
Waterlilies rhizomes
Waterlilies rhizomes.
The lotus rhizome has a banana-like shape, from the tip of which start in spring to grow and sprout the leaves and flowers.
Different lotus rhizomes
Lotus rhizomes.

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