Fertilizing water plants
Rich Sacher and Typhonodorum

By Rich Sacher When we grow water lilies or bog plants in submerged pots, we must remember that this is a very artificial situation. Most roots are confined to the pot, and they often do not have enough time to grow out of the pot, and into the surrounding pond soil. This is why we […]

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How to plant lotus rhizome
Gruppo fiori di loto nelumbo

One of the more beautiful and well known water plants is lotus, also called nelumbo, showing plant with beautiful colored flowers. Many are lotus variety, with different plant size and flower color. On this tutorial will be explained how to plant lotus rhizome, that is the root where plant will start to grow. You could […]

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Lilypons Water Gardens
Lilypons Water Gardens, Margaret Koogle, Gianluca Bonomo

By Sally S.Thomas: Lilypons Water Gardens History Shortly before the bombs stopped bursting in Europe in 1917, George Leicester (“Lester”) Thomas bought Three Springs Farm (now Thanksgiving Farm) on U.S. Route 15 (now MD 85) in southern Frederick County, Maryland, USA, today an easy one-hour drive northwest of Washington, DC. Along U.S. Route 15, Thomas […]

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Maryland Aquatic Nursery

Founded in 1987 Maryland Aquatic Nurseries, Inc. is a grower of wetland and ornamental aquatic plants as well as pre-planted erosion control blankets. Sizes range from plug trays to finished material. Hardy water lilies are in 10” hanging baskets. Nearly all plants have a four color photo information tag. We can custom/contract grow plant material […]

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American Aquatic Gardens – New Orleans
New Orleans French Quarter

In one of the most fascinating cities of the world you can find a wonderful place for people who loves water plants, it is “American Aquatic Gardens” owned by Rich and Bill, located in New Orleans, near the famous French Quarter, famous place for music and mystery. Rich is one of the most kind and […]

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