Founded in 1987 Maryland Aquatic Nurseries, Inc. is a grower of wetland and ornamental aquatic plants as well as pre-planted erosion control blankets. Sizes range from plug trays to finished material. Hardy water lilies are in 10” hanging baskets. Nearly all plants have a four color photo information tag. We can custom/contract grow plant material in additional sizes. Additionally we manufacture and distribute pond related products (filters, aeration systems, fountains, pumps, etc.) nationwide.

Maryland aquatics Garden, Kelly Billing

Floating Wetlands are a healthy, natural alternatives for pond management including beautification, water quality improvement, nutrient management and aquatic weed control. Our patented Floating Wetlands have been proven to reduce nutrients naturally, increase wildlife diversity and enhance property values. We provide complete onsite service in the Mid Atlantic region.

Maryland aquatics Garden, Kelly Billing

Richard (Dick) Schuck is the owner and founder of Maryland Aquatic Nurseries in Jarrettsville, Md.

Maryland Aquatic Nurseries is a major wholesale grower of ornamental aquatic and native wetland plants. Charleston Aquatic Nurseries is a sister organization owned by his sons in South Carolina. In combination, both nurseries grow an extensive variety of hardy and tropical aquatic plants that supply the needs of the wholesale horticultural and native wetland plants markets.

Maryland aquatics Garden, Kelly Billing

A few years back, Dick invented the Floating Island Planter for ornamental ponds and the Floating Wetland Raft for natural and storm-water ponds. He has a U.S. Patent on these products. A growing part of his business now is involved with manufacturing and installing Floating Wetlands and rehabilitating storm-water ponds. He has also participated with the University of Maryland in pollution mitigation studies dealing with using floating wetlands in storm-water and aquaculture venues.

Maryland aquatics Garden, Kelly Billing

Prior to founding Maryland Aquatic Nurseries in 1988, Dick worked in private industry and government as an industrial engineer and computer administrator. He has a BES from Johns Hopkins University and a MEA from George Washington University.

Maryland aquatics Garden, Kelly Billing

Kelly Billing has over 30 years experience in the water gardening industry wholesale trade working for Maryland Aquatic Nurseries, Inc. She compiled and maintains the Aquatic Plant Invasive Species List for the nursery trade in the United States. Kelly is a Maryland Certified Professional Horticulturist. As a child, Kelly was inspired to garden by her mother, sitting on the sidewalk each afternoon waiting for the four o’clock flowers to open. While very young she learned plant identification during long walks in the woods. Proper techniques for planting and transplanting were considered necessary skills for life. This love of nature and captivation with plants and flowers has remained a constant in her life. Edible plants and those with a history are of particular interest. Lotus is her favorite since it is one of the most researched plants in the world and its magical wonder has yet to be fully discovered. She has recently discovered how to manipulate lotus into an art form.

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Kelly writes regularly for various trade magazines and other Water Gardening Publications. She cooperated with Ben Helm on a water gardening book that was published in the US (Water Gardeners Bible) and UK (Water Gardens) as well as co-authored with Paula Biles, The Lotus, Know It and Grow It for the IWGS. Kelly enthusiastically shares her knowledge and experience with International Organizations, Promotional Groups, related Associations, Garden Centers and Garden Clubs.

Maryland aquatics Garden, Kelly Billing

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  • Linda Riach

    I’m interested in creating floating wetlands off my dock on Back River, just downstream from the Blackwater Wildlands. Please contact me at 443-465-5567 or email me, if there is any way this is doable.


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