Waterplants.it international waterlily and lotus contest 2022

On this website you can view pictures of the plants entered into this contest here in Italy.

From spring 2022:
On the Hardy page you can view pictures of the hardy waterlilies.
On theĀ  ISG hardy page you can view pictures of the ISG hardy waterlilies.
On the Lotus page you can view pictures of the lotus.

On the judges page you will find information and a list of the people who will judge the competition. If you are a water plant lover, and would like to be one of the lovers judges, please contact us. We will be happy to add you as a judge. There will be 100 lovers judges.

On the rules page you will find the rules of the competition.

The competition plants will be shown growing in Italy, at the “piantedacqua” nursery, owned by Gianluca Bonomo, a nursery with a huge collection of more than 500 hardy waterlilies and about 200 lotus. You can find more information and contact details on the website: www.piantedacqua.it\shop\