There will be 3 different categories of judge eligible to vote in the contest.
Each category will have its own section in the contest.

If you want to become a judge please click here!

The 3 categories will be:


Expert judges waterlilies contest

A group of people involved in international groups, water plants professionals and experts.

On the expert page you will find more information about the experts who will judge the plants.


International waterlilies contest judges

In my opinion hybridizers are the best people to judge the quality of a waterlily or lotus. So all hybridisers who wish to judge, will also be able to vote in the contest. This will include hybridisers who have plants entered in the contest. as well as those who do not.

In the hybridisers page you will find more detalis about hybridizers that will judge the plants.

Water plant lovers

Waterlily lovers judges

From all over the world even water plant lovers can vote for the best plant in the contest!
Anyone can become a one of the 100 people judging in the water plant lovers category.
On the plant lovers page you will find a list of the people judging, and which country they are from.

Apply to become a judge

If you would like to become a judge, please send an email titled “Apply for IWC judge” to info@piantedacqua.it.
Please include something about yourself and why you would like to become a judge, and we will reply shortly.