Any hybridiser who would like to send plants to enter in the contest can contact me at my email: or by phone/whatsapp at my number: +39 339 2219765

Rules of the competition

  1. Each Hybridiser can submit 2 varieties. For example: 1 lotus and 1 hardy, 2 hardies, 1 ISG (HxT) and 1 lotus, 1 hardy and 1 ISG (HxT)….
  2. The hybridiser should submit 3 rhizomes of each variety. We need to receive these in April 2021. So we can show the plants at their best, all 3 rhizoes will be grown for the competition. If a hybridiser doesn’t have 3 rhizomes available they can send less than 3.
  3. It is totally up to the hybridiser to decide what happens to his hybrids after the competition:
    Option 1. The plants can be destroyed.
    Option 2. The plants can be sent back.
    Option 3. Piantedacqua can sell the plants
    Option 4. Alternative options specified by the hybridiser in writing
    This includes all plant material, sent hybrids, new growth etc. No plant material will be given away, or sold without the specific permission in writing of the hybridiser.
  4. Hybridiser can vote in the contest, and there will be a category for judges who are also hybridisers.
  5. The submitted waterlilies and lotus can be named or unnamed varieties.
  6. Waterlilies or lotus that have won other contest are not allowed. Old hybrids that are already on the market from more than 2 years are not allowed.
  7. Photographs of the plants will be published during their growth. Each one will have its own public web page, where everyone can view the development of the plants. There will always be at least one close-up photograph of a flower, a leaf, and the whole plant.
  8. There will be 3 different categories of judges: hybridisers, specialist/nursery, water plant lovers. These categories will carry different voting weights in the contest. 50% for expert, 25% for hybridisers, 25% for water plant lovers.
  9. Photographs of the plants will be shown from the start of the season. Votes can be placed from the end of September 2021, until mid October 2021, when the plants stop growing.
  10. Each plant should have a long or short comment from each judge. They shuld explain their marks, not just in numbers, but in personal impressions. Hybridisers and specialist judges must provide detailed comments. These will be published at the end of the contest.
  11. Hybridisers and specialists/nursery judges can have their own personal page with information about their work. This will enable others to learn who they are.
  12. All the plants will be grown in the same way, each rhizome planted in a large pot with good soil and fertilizer, pondtabbs plus will be used to fertilize all the plants. Hybridisers can suggest planting depth. If not suggested plants will be 30-40 cm. deep.