2022 Hardy Waterlilies results!

1 st place: HD11, N.”Gerard Malinvaud”, Florian Henaux, France, score 2323

2 nd place: HD02 N.”Phuttakoon”, Potianee Tongbai, Thailand, score 2132

3 rd place: HD12 N.”Loving You”, Jakkaphong Sung-Ngam, Thailand, score 2130

4 th place: HD06, N. “Rungtip”, Pairote Thongnum, Thailand, score 2083

5 th place: HD13, N. “Gabriel’s Bliss”, Timo Gabriel, Germany, score 2051

6 th place: HD01, N. “Number 89”, James Knock, United Kingdom, score 1967

7 th place: HD10, N. “Gabriel’s Kiss”, Timo Gabriel, Germany, score 1845

8 th place: HD04, N. “Aldebaran”, Sebastien Berthier, France, score 1835

9 th place: HD03, N. “Olivia”, Suzanne Boom, United States, score 1592

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